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Mike has been a Florida CPA for 27 years, with extensive public and private experience. Mike graduated in 1993 from the Top 10 ranked University of Florida’s Master’s of Accounting Program as a Fisher Fellow (Top 4 in his class). His experience includes nine years in Tax & Audit at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), 10 years small company Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in publishing, insurance & continuing education, and 4 years in Corporate Tax at a Fortune 200 Company.


Mike sat on both sides of the desk before formally launching his own CPA Practice in January 2018. Built on the backbone of 14 years of a side practice, Mike had grown his venture to 65 clients and 30 small businesses, working nights and weekends to service his clients. In January 2018, he acquired a book of 150 additional clients, plus 20 more small companies, and has now, in 3 years, grown that practice by 20%+ per year, and now services 300+ individual clients and 120+ small businesses.


Mike has clients all over the country, from Rhode Island to California. He has extensive multi-state experience, is an expert in passthroughs (S Corp’s and Partnerships), and has a wide diversity of clients from a $20M Construction Company to doctors, lawyers, physical therapists, insurance agents, real estate agents, and consultants. Mike also has expertise in several accounting platforms, including QuickBooks, EasyACCT, ProSeries, and many others.

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